Apr 24, 2012

Can You Get Mad Cow Disease From Milk?

Many people is still not aware of what is really a mad cow disease or are asking if we can get mad cow disease from a cow's milk. To give some information about mad cow disease, here's an article from www.motherjones.com:
USDA- authority mandated testing turned up a downed California dairy cow that was infected with bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), also known as mad cow disease, the agency announced Tuesday. According to an exec with the rendering plant where the poor beast ended up, it was chosen for testing completely at random, having shown "no signs" of disease.
The scenario suggests that relatively recently, a BSE-infected cow was producing milk for public consumption. According to the USDA, there's nothing to worry about. The agency's chief veterinary officer, John Clifford, released a statement Tuesday declaring that the the the cow in question had "atypical BSE, a very rare form of the disease not generally associated with an animal consuming infected feed." He added that "milk does not transmit BSE."

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