May 25, 2012

Phillip Phillips: White Guy With Guitar

"American Idol" Phillip Phillips is the new White Guy With Guitar (WGWG). The Americal Idol Season 11 Grand Champion, Phillip Phillips has been the talk of the town since it was announced earlier today that he won the AI (American Idol) while Jessica Sanchez got the 2nd place.

New terms or words have sprouted just like this WGWG thing. At first, when I encountered this acronym, I got confused and curious at the same time of what does it really mean. I was trying to searched for the meaning online when I heard over from a news in the TV the term, which means, White Guy With Guitar. 

WGWG came because previous winners of American Idol are also male and they, too plays guitar, just like Kris Allem and Adam Lambert.

Anyway, I miss watching Chaka Khan perform during the season finale as many have said that she performed well and that her voice is still as powerful as ever.

May 24, 2012

SkinWhite and Nuffnang Bring You Snow White and The Huntsman

Yes, SkinWhite has partnered with Nuffnang to bring us "Snow White and The Huntsman" and I certainly love to watch this movie in theater, especially when it's free! Who doesn't?

Anyway, Nuffnang, Asia-Pacific's First Blog Advertising Company, has been known to offer bloggers to watch great movies for free with their partnership to several sponsors/advertisers. This time, the most awaited movie, the "Snow White and The Huntsman", is "up for grabs"! Thanks to Skin White.

On the other hand, SkinWhite is now made even better with its SYNCHROWHITE ACTION that works in FOUR ways, take note, all at the same time.  The Synchrowhite  action works to:
  1. WHITENS the skin’s surface
  2. REDUCES formation of new dark pigments at its source
  3. NOURISHES skin with Vitamins
  4. PROTECTS skin against toxins and UV rays
To know more, please visit the link below:

May 12, 2012

I'm Glad I'm a Blogger!

Last first week of April, an online friend told me that a certain online company is giving away free eye glasses (prescription and reading) and sunglasses to all qualified bloggers. At first, I doubted it to be true because online scam has been everywhere lately. I asked my friend if she has tried it and she said she's also planning to and added that some of her friends, who are also bloggers, like us, have applied and they have received their eyeglasses, absolutely FREE!

I asked for the link of that company to check and yes, indeed, they are having that campaign. In exchange for the free prescription/rx, reading or sunglasses, bloggers are requested to

May 9, 2012

Gradually and Patiently Cleaning This Blog

Yes, I have been starting to clean this blog patiently as one of my ways of reviving this unused and taken for granted blog for such a long time. If you happen to drop by here lately and noticed a lot of changes day by day, please bear with me as I am starting to give this blog a life, as I am giving me a "new life", too!

General topics here will change as what I have announced here in my previous post, My New Outlook For Rantings

Anyway, please come back from time to time to know the latest about me or in the blogging world, where I still am trying to immerse myself, though not completely.

In the meantime, feel free to browse my previous post or surf around. Who knows, you might discover something interesting here.

May 6, 2012

A Fresh Scoop About Me

Wohoo! Finally, after almost six (6) years, I am now a permanent employee not to mention that I was promoted from Instructor 1 to Associate Professor! Aside from the monetary equivalents of these good news, I am definitely happy and thankful that my sacrifices have all been paid off!

I have experienced several heartaches, hard feelings, conflicts and other negative issues that made me consider to transfer to other schools that tried to "pirate" me and offered me salaries and incentives that are hard to resist. I'm just thankful that, although hard to believe, I did not put money in my top priorities, instead, I was and I am mindful of the students' future if ever I leave them.

Anyway, since I'm "here" now, I will just try to continue what I have done and is still doing, which is to give all my best to help the students graduate, pass the board exam and find a good-paying job. For this is the best reward that I can receive - seeing them succeed in their chosen path.

May 5, 2012

My New Outlet For Rantings

I would just like to announce that this blog will shift from solely blogging about the latest news to my new outlet for personal rantings. Of course, from time to time, I will post here the latest news, gossips and other interesting scoops that might be of interest to you, too, my dear readers.

Although, I already have my own personal blog, Praning's Shoutout, I still want to express some of my rantings here, since only a few are aware that this blog is also mine, thus, I can express my feelings here without holding back (hopefully), because I don't have to worry that someone close to me will be able to read this.

So in my future posts, please don't be surprised if I'm talking about my personal dilemmas, issues and that sort of things, ok?

May 4, 2012

The Bachelor's Chris Harrison Splits From His Wife, Gwen!

It's confirmed! Chris Harrison, the host of the TV show, The Bachelor, and his wife, Gwen, has parted ways after being together for 18 years according to their exclusive interview with PEOPLE. 

In their statement last Thursday, they said this: "Though we have made this incredibly difficult decision to separate, our love and mutual respect remain, and we look forward to sharing in the lives of our wonderful children," 

According to PEOPLE, "The couple live 35 miles from Hollywood with their kids Joshua, 9, and Taylor, 7. Harrison, 40, coaches both kids' soccer teams, and is "an amazing father," Gwen told PEOPLE in 2010. "He's very loving and involved." 


May 2, 2012

Zuckerberg Plays Host in New Facebook IPO

Mark Zuckerberg,  the CEO of  the famous social network, Facebook, now serves as the company's staple in a new video that Facebook posted in the run-up to its initial public offering (IPO).
According to, "The video is part of Facebook's IPO road show, a traditional pre-IPO presentation a company offers potential investors to tell the company's story and explain why it is a good investment. The 30-minute video starts out with Facebook CFO David Ebersman, who then introduces our host, Zuckerberg, who in turn passes the video baton to other company leaders such as Chris Cox, vice president of product, and COO Sheryl Sandberg.
Sitting in the company's Silicon Valley offices and speaking over the kind of optimistic, folksy music score we've become accustomed to in Apple and Google product videos, Zuckerberg describes the beginning of Facebook, from the early idea of photo uploads to the more recent Timeline feature."