May 6, 2012

A Fresh Scoop About Me

Wohoo! Finally, after almost six (6) years, I am now a permanent employee not to mention that I was promoted from Instructor 1 to Associate Professor! Aside from the monetary equivalents of these good news, I am definitely happy and thankful that my sacrifices have all been paid off!

I have experienced several heartaches, hard feelings, conflicts and other negative issues that made me consider to transfer to other schools that tried to "pirate" me and offered me salaries and incentives that are hard to resist. I'm just thankful that, although hard to believe, I did not put money in my top priorities, instead, I was and I am mindful of the students' future if ever I leave them.

Anyway, since I'm "here" now, I will just try to continue what I have done and is still doing, which is to give all my best to help the students graduate, pass the board exam and find a good-paying job. For this is the best reward that I can receive - seeing them succeed in their chosen path.

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