Sep 16, 2009

Gilbert Teodoro Won Over Bayani Fernando

Just earlier this evening, after a ""beauty pageant-like" process of choosing the administration's standard bearer, Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro won over Bayani(BF) Fernando. You may wish to watch the news video below.

Anyway, during the question and answer portion, I have noticed that Teodoro was more prepared to answer the questions and he even knew how to bring the discussion to his advantage, as he can easily divert the topic to those he knew better. On the other hand, despite Fernando's plea to postpone the Lakas-Kampi meeting, it still pushed through, leaving the latter obviously unprepared - to answer most of the questions, that is.

The question and answer portion between Gibo and BF was done to better determine who among the two is qualified enough to be the standard bearer of the administration's part, the Lakas-Kampi. After it, the "jury" have decided, to everyone's expectations, to choose Teodoro over Fernando to be the official presidential candidate of the party on the 2010 presidential election.

It was rumored that Fernando is not worried about the party's decision, despite the fact that he is a senior member of the party as compared to Teodoro, who is a neophyte in the Lakas-Kampi. It is said that Bayani is still considering running for president even if he was not chosen by his own party.

Let's just wait and see what will happen soon.Meanwhile, you may watch the news about this below:

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