May 12, 2012

I'm Glad I'm a Blogger!

Last first week of April, an online friend told me that a certain online company is giving away free eye glasses (prescription and reading) and sunglasses to all qualified bloggers. At first, I doubted it to be true because online scam has been everywhere lately. I asked my friend if she has tried it and she said she's also planning to and added that some of her friends, who are also bloggers, like us, have applied and they have received their eyeglasses, absolutely FREE!

I asked for the link of that company to check and yes, indeed, they are having that campaign. In exchange for the free prescription/rx, reading or sunglasses, bloggers are requested to
choose either to put a link of the company on their sidebar and/or make a fair and honest review of their glasses that they will give to the bloggers' blogs. Take note, bloggers can have the glasses of their choice, regardless of amount or style!

Since I have nothing to lose and no money in my part is involve, I excitedly applied but I did not raise my hopes, of course. After I sent an email to them, they replied within 24hours and informed me that my application has been approved and that I'll just wait for my glasses for between 10-20 days.

After just a week, approximately 7 days, I received the eyeglasses and I was so excited to open the package. I     tried it on and honestly love how it felt in my eyes. It feels "cool" and perfect for my "dry eyes" due to prolonged exposure to my laptop's monitor. As for the design, I certainly love it because it so fashionable.

Anyway, I once again applied for another pair for my other blog (as I have more than one blog and each blog is equivalent to one (1) pair of glasses! Again, I was not disappointed. I'm really glad that I am a blogger as I am able to enjoy this kind of privilege, while doing the things that I love, which is writing.

Thank you, Firmoo, for having this kind of giveaway!

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