Sep 5, 2009

UFO: Still An Unexplained Phenomenon

When I opened the google browser just a little earlier, I noticed this new goole doodle with UFO and when you're curious enough to click, you'll be directed to results of unexplained phenomenon.

I was surprised of this viral move of google to market, but I think it's really working, the strategy I mean. As you can see in the image above, the UFO is trying to take away the letter O from the word google.

So, where does this leads us? Maybe, google is trying to implicate that after so many years of research studies, UFO and other unexplained phenomenon are still beyond human's understanding.

Certainly, this new doodle is working as expected, as it awakens the natural interest of any normal human being to discover the unknown and unveil the long-time mystery of the unexplained phenomenon of this world.

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