Jun 2, 2012

A Tiring But Fulfilling Way To End My Summer

Summer time has officially ended, at least here in the Philippines. I guess most of you is still wishing that it hasn't yet and that the rain will stop, especially that a Typhoon has now entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility. Wait, I'm not here to talk about the weather, I'm here to share about the way my summer has ended.

In my other blog, I have posted about my Memorable Summer Time, last May 23rd. I guess if you have read it, you'll know why it was memorable. Now, since it's 2nd of June, I would like to share how I spent the last week of my summer vacation.

Last Monday and Tuesday, May 28-29, 2012, I was in Iloilo City for a
lecture in one of the review centers in Iloilo. It was an 8-hour a day lecture from 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. After the lecture, discussion, rationalization, I attended a 1-hour Teabo session with my mom, where I enjoyed the Cardio Kickboxing (Monday) and AeroDancing (Tuesday) a lot. After the Taebo session, I still need to study and finalize my lecture for the next day as I was given a short notice regarding the topic that I should discuss.

So, on Sunday night, I slept around 3 in the morning and woke up around 6am. On Monday, since I was tired from my Teabo session (it was about a month since I last attended) and my muscles were sore, I slept around 11 in the evening then woke up around 2AM to finish and finalize my lecture for Tuesday, and slept around 5 in the morning then woke around 7am. Sleep deprived, indeed!

Even so, I still manage to be "alive, alert, awake and enthusiastic" during my review class since I'm quite used to having a short-hour sleep at night plus, I have already conditioned my mind and myself that I am being paid per hour! LOL

Anyway, Tuesday night came and after the Taebo session, my mom and I went home but then, after having some rest, I decided that I have to pamper myself after a hectic 2-day schedule. And of course, there's no better way for me to indulge my self but to get a good whole body massage! So, I went to Spa Riviera with my mom.

Actually, it was double purpose, as bringing my mom to a spa and let her enjoy a good foot massage and foot scrub, is my belated gift for her for Mother's Day. Would you believe, that it was 10PM when we left the house to Spa Riviera?! Well, our spa experience ended around 12midnight and we arrived home around 1 in the morning.

Naturally and obviously, I sleep soundly (than the usual snoring...LOL) that night and woke up around 9 in the morning the next day.

The next day, Wednesday, I left Iloilo around 1PM and arrived here in Kabankalan City at approximately 5 in the afternoon. I rested for 2 days until Thursday and reported to school on Friday, yesterday. To make it the story short, I have accomplished all the things that I should for a week and proud to say, with flying colors!

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