Sep 1, 2009

Senator Mar Roxas Gave Up his Presidential Candidacy To Support Noynoy Aquino

Senator Mar Roxas has already announced, minutes ago, that he will give up his aspiration to run for President this 2010 election and support his friend, Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III for his presidential candidacy.On the other hand, press are now trying to get Noynoy's reaction regarding Roxas' declaration but he asked to give him more time to make up his mind and decide on the matter.

If you have been following this news, after former President Cory Aquino's burial, many supporters have been urging Noynoy to run for president, as they strongly believe that he will be a great leader as his parents, Ninoy and Cory. At firs Noynoy was unsure but later it is clear that he is interested to the position.

Anyway, in my opinion, Mar's early declaration of giving up his candidacy for presidency and Noynoy's asking for more time to decide is the party's way of getting the pulse of the masses of whether they approved of the decision or not. I mean, why asked for more time to decide and not confirm your candidacy if Mar had already confirmed it in a way? What are they trying to prove?

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